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Probate & Trust Administration

The death of a loved one and the related loss of support can leave the survivors threatened and confronted by significant challenges to regain control of property. Our firm emphasizes the prompt and efficient transfer of a decedent’s property to the intended beneficiaries and the diligent preservation of that property. We ensure that all efforts are taken to eliminate or minimize tax liabilities and to promptly submit all required tax filings. Our attorneys and support staff have extensive experience working with probate courts with singular focus on asset preservation and prompt distribution of property. Our attorneys also have significant experience using the probate court system to preserve assets for trust beneficiaries and to establish secure support networks for persons suffering from disability or other challenges that require court supervised interventions. The collective probate experience is unmatched within the firm’s practice region. Our lawyers can help you with all your legal needs.

Our attorneys routinely practice in Carroll and Coos, as well as other NH counties and western Maine, We work cooperatively with the courts, and local and out-of-state accountants, brokers, realtors, auctioneers, and other transfer agents to liquidate or transfer assets in the most efficient manner possible; We are able to prepare and file state and federal tax returns, or work with an accountant who is already familiar with the family finances. Many of our estates involve family vacation properties; we are adept at crafting solutions for carrying those properties on to the next generation. Our knowledge of state and local zoning and planning codes assists in this work; The probate court is the venue for guardianships, will contests, and adoptions, and our attorneys have routinely managed all three types of cases. Our strong preference is to resolve this issues efficiently and amicably, but we also have the ability to bring strong litigation skills to bear as necessary.

No two estates are alike; we have supervised multi-million dollar estates, and also very small estates. In addition to financial complexity, we are well-versed in the emotional and political reality of family issues. Our estates have included real property in multiple states, small businesses operated by a decedent, intellectual property, retirement benefits, car collections, and many, many others unique and challenging assets. We have probated estates worth millions, and, at the other end of the spectrum, we have given clients the advice they needed to leave our office prepared to complete a simple probate matter without our ongoing representation.