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Personal Injury

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Cooper Cargill Chant has handled hundreds of personal injury cases and workers’ compensation claims. Senior Attorney Paul Chant has, for 28 years, been almost exclusively a personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney. He was recently named New Hampshire’s top personal injury lawyer. Cooper Cargill Chant has handled cases with values in the millions, and in the thousands.

We handle most of our cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning if there is no recovery, there is no fee. Our legal fees are a percentage of the recovery we obtain for you, and are competitive with other firms.

We are proud that most of our cases are resolved without filing suit, and the vast majority are resolved without trial. Whether your case is a sophisticated medical negligence claim or a simple rear-end auto accident, Cooper Cargill Chant will work hard to protect your rights.

We charge no fees unless we obtain a recovery for our clients. We are always willing to meet or speak with a client for no charge to learn more about a case to ascertain if we can be of assistance. We encourage our clients to put our experience to work in order to not give the insurance company the advantage.

Types of Cases Handled

Auto Accidents

Whiplash Claims

Motorcycle Accidents

Wrongful Death

Medical Negligence

Construction Site Accidents

Premises Liability

Slip and Fall Accidents

Dog Bites

Types of Injuries

Spine Injuries

Neck and Shoulder Injuries

Brain Injuries

Leg Injuries

Hip Injuries

Pelvic Injuries



Facial Injuries

 Our lawyers can help you with all your legal needs.

Any and all types of personal injury, workers’ compensation and medical malpractice cases.

Negotiation of cases pre-suit.

Development of insurance coverage and insurance claims.

Trial Court experience in State and Federal Courts.

Have represented personal injury claims in all types and nature of cases.

Auto Accidents

We handle auto accidents of every type and nature, from simple, low-impact rear-end collisions with soft tissue injuries to complex, multi-vehicle accidents that have involved death claims and very serious, permanent injuries. These often involve issues of insurance coverage, health coverage, or no coverage (New Hampshire is one of just two states in the USA that do not require insurance coverage.

Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Unfortunately, cyclists are often injured very seriously by careless drivers.

Many motorcycle and bicycle accidents involve catastrophic injuries due to the traumatic, blunt force impact. We have represented cyclists and their families in death and serious injury claims.

We strongly encourage motorcyclists in New Hampshire to carry significant bodily injury and uninsured motorist coverage on their bikes. Too often, we see injured people who have well insured automobilies and very limited cycle coverage. We have been successful on occasion in accidents involving bicycles by involving the homeowners coverage. Call us and we’ll help sort the insurance out.

Truck Accidents

Trucks are different because they are heavier, take longer to stop and are more difficult to control than cars. Further, there are many rules and regulations regarding commercial drivers that do not apply to automobiles.

If you have been injured as the result of a negligent commercial truck driver, contact a lawyer immediately to ensure that the accident is properly documented.

Slip and Fall Claims/Premises Liability Claims

Every year, individuals are injured when they slip and fall on poorly maintained driveways, walkways, and steps in and out of buildings. Many of these falls result in serious leg, ankle, hip and pelvic fractures, and many of those fractures require surgeries and hospitalizations. We have even represented individuals who suffered brain injuries resulting from slipping and falling. We have handled many cases against large and small commercial establishments, and state and municipal entities for failing to properly maintain their premises, both for winter maintenance, and for failure to maintain parking lots in good repair, improper steps and risers in restaurants, poor and failing railings, and other improper building design and maintenance.

In slip and fall cases, it is very important to try to document the condition of the property as soon as possible after an accident. It is also important to place any municipal or state entity on notice within very short time frames.

Claims Against Stores

We have represented individuals in cases where items have broken and or fallen on them at retail stores and injuries have been suffered. We have represented an individual who suffered serious injuries when an item place on a shopping cart by a store employee fell in her path, causing her to fall and break her ankle. We have represented many individuals who suffered trip and fall and slip and fall injuries.

It is important to try to document the conditions that caused the injury and to find witnesses and employees on duty as soon as possible.

Construction and Industrial Accidents

Machinery at construction and industrial sites can cause devastating, lifelong injuries. We have been involved in cases involving multiple crane accidents, lack of fall protection, machinery lacking proper safety features, guard and warnings. We have been involved in product liability claims involving several different medical devices, cranes, plastic blow-molding machinery, improper construction supervision, propane and natural gas explosions, fire and arson investigation, and improper general contractor, engineering and architectural practices.

Dog Attacks

New Hampshire has a strict statute regarding liability for dog attacks. While many of us at Cooper Cargill Chant are dog owners, we also know that dogs attacks are sudden and devastating. We have represented numerous individuals due to attacks by single and multiple dogs that resulted in facial, arm, torso, leg and hand injuries; and we have helped clients who have had to go through the rigors of rabies treatment.

Sexual Assault

In addition to sexual assault of adults, we unfortunately see serious abuse of children by adults. These cases can have lifelong effects. Cases involving the clergy and school officials have received much publicity and in New Hampshire there have been changes to extend the time limits for bringing a claim.

Do not leave questions unanswered. Call for help.

Medical or Dental Malpractice and Medical Product Defects

Studies show that there are many, many cases where patients are injured as a result of the lack of care of medical professionals.

Medical malpractice cases are very expert-intensive and costly to bring forward. Thus, there must be serious damages to even invest the resources to investigate bringing a claim.

However, there are very meritorious claims. We have been involved in cases involving strokes, death, improper joint replacement surgery or unnecessary surgery; cases where doctors have used wrong tools and techniques, failed to review or properly note lab and imaging results; and a variety of medical products litigation including Fen-Phen, Fosomax, jaw implant devices, breast implants, asbestos, and hip and knee implant devices. We are happy to speak with you about these cases.

Wrist Injury: $300,000.00 Settlement

An elderly plaintiff suffered severe injuries to her wrist when she fell to the ground due to the negligence of the defendant, an institution. Plaintiff underwent two surgeries to her wrist and had permanent limitations of her arm. She had approximately $75,000 in medical bills. Case resolved for $300,000.

Lumbar Fracture: Settlement Confidential

A mechanic was injured when he tripped and fell at his employer’s place of business while moving an object out of a storage shed utilized by another business. Our client suffered lumbar fracture, requiring placement of rods in his back and, due in part to pre-existing diabetic condition, lost the sight in one eye when his diabetes was not controllable in aftermath of injuries. Total settlement: Confidential amount, with separate workers compensation settlement.

Ankle Fracture: $50,000.00 Settlement

Our client suffered bimalleolar (both sides) ankle fracture requiring surgery as a result of slip and fall accident on claimed ice and snow at the defendant’s residential premises, which included a single apartment our client was visiting. Case resolved for $50,000.

Traumatic Brain Injury: Settlement Confidential – Policy Limits

Our client suffered traumatic brain injury after falling at a property where she rented an apartment. Claims were brought against landlord/owner and snowplow company. Case settled for a confidential amount.

Ankle Fracture: $40,000.00 Settlement

Our client suffered an ankle fracture when she stepped into a hole on the defendant’s commercial property. Case resolved for $40,000.

Hip Fracture: Settlement Confidential

Our elderly client suffered a hip fracture in fall at a restaurant on improper stairs.  Hip surgeries required. Case settled for confidential amount.

Back Neck Soft Tissue, TMJ Injury: $58,000.00 Settlement

Our client suffered injuries to back and neck, including TMJ problems, following a collision in which the other driver took left turn directly into his path. Case resolved for $58,000.

Hematoma: $82,500.00 Settlement

Client suffered severe hematoma injury to leg following an auto accident. Defendant at fault. Case resolved for $82,500.

Rotator Cuff: $98,000.00 Settlement

Due to an auto accident, our client suffered rotator cuff and tendon tears that required surgery to repair the shoulder. Case resolved for $98,000.

Elbow and Thumb Fracture: $85,000 Settlement

Our client suffered elbow dislocation, thumb fracture (requiring surgery) and post-concussive syndrome as a result of winter auto accident where a vehicle crossed the road into client’s lane. Case resolved for $85,000.

Leg and Head Injury: Settlement Confidential – Policy Limits

Our client suffered a fractured femur and closed head injury in an auto accident. Case settled for confidential amount (policy limits).

Death Claim: Settlement Confidential – Policy Limits

Our client died as a result of injuries sustained in auto accident, which occurred after other driver had seizure. Case settled for confidential amounts (policy limits of driver and uninsured motorist policies).

Fractured Neck: Settlement Confidential – Policy Limits

Our client suffered a fractured neck in an auto accident. Case settled for policy limits of other driver.

Back Surgery: $175,000.00 Settlement

Our client suffered a herniated disc in her neck as a result of very low impact auto accident. Client had previously had neck surgery at this level. Repeat surgery was necessary. Case settled for a total of $175,000, including policy limits of other driver and contribution of her insurer.

Back Injury: $12,500.00 Settlement

Our client suffered a low back injury in minor auto accident. Case settled for $12,500.

Neck Fracture: $37,500.00 Settlement

Our client suffered minor fracture of neck in vehicle roll over accident where driver fell asleep. No surgery or physical therapy. Neck treated with brace. Case settled for $37,500.

Broken Jaw: $85,000.00 Settlement

Our client suffered broken jaw in an auto accident when a teen driver lost control and hit a tree. Treatment included placement of a temporary plate in jaw and repeat of orthodontic care. Case settled for $85,000.

Knee Injury: $100,000.00 Settlement

Our client suffered a significant fractured knee injury when the car that he was working under and which was on ramps, was bumped by another car and fell on him. Case settled for $100,000 policy limits of driver, with additional confidential contribution from school where accident occurred.

Back Injury: Settlement Confidential

Our client suffered lower back injuries when her vehicle was struck by a tire that fell off of a tractor trailer at high speed, totaling her vehicle. Case settled for a confidential amount.

Motorcycle Accident

Serious Leg Injuries: Confidential Settlement – Policy Limits
Our client, a motorcyclist, sustained serious leg injuries when an automobile struck him. Multiple surgeries were required for open leg wounds. Case settled for policy limits; person causing the accident also made personal contribution to settlement.

Loss of Arm: Confidential Settlement

Our client suffered serious nerve injuries to arm resulting in amputation when bicyclist pulled out in front.

Dog Attack

Settlement Confidential
Our client suffered significant injuries from a dog attack. Case settled for confidential amount.